Cisco unity express guide to writing auto-attendant scripts

Review the prerequisites for your system to prepare for the Cisco Unity Express installation. ViewRealTime Reports Allows subscribers to view real-time reports. If you are comfortable with the Unity Express Editor, this product is very similar but with many more advanced script steps available.

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Nm Cue Install

Step 3 Note Select the operations that you want to add to the privilege or deselect the operations that you want to remove. For specific instructions, see the Upgrading to Cisco Unity Express 8.

Use the following sample ephone-dn and ephone configurations to configure the telephones and subscribers manually: A maximum of ten hunt groups can be used with a B-ACD call-queue service.

Enter y to install the upgrade or n to stop the installation procedure. See Displaying or Modifying a Mailbox. It also contains the module and entity that issued the trace output line so that when you read the trace, it is easy to understand which trace line was originated by which module.

Router config-if ip address When you set up multiple interactive AAs, separate welcome prompts must be recorded for each AA. A prefix is required only if an email domain services multiple locations, and extensions between the locations are not unique. A clean installation process upgrade using the boothelper.

Like most VoIP protocols, SCCP was designed for exchange of signaling messages between client and server during call establishment and call termination. Note Shared ephone-dns cannot log in and out of ephone hunt groups.

Note that this upgrade process is recommended primarily for emergency situations when your system is not responding as required. CME can support up to ten hunt groups per box. When a T1 digital line sends voice data, it does so by sending all 24 of the smaller DS0 frames in one big T1 frame.

Cisco Unity Express 8. The following example shows that Italian and Danish are selected. Step 5 Click Add. For an accounting server, you can configure the following information used to log into the server: When you assign a privilege to a group, any member of the group is granted the privilege rights.

The module has an internal IP address and a default gateway configuration. You can conserve the Reliable Test Experience real exam dumps after you have downloaded on your disk or documents. AA2 can forward calls to hunt group 3 pilot numberhunt group 4hunt group 5or the operator hunt group hunt group 7 or Calls are answered in the order they are received.

Manually Backing Up Files section on page Router config-if service-module ip default-gateway An ephone hunt group to provide operator services must be established. If you are going to restore a backup from a previousCisco Unity Express 8.

Configuring System Defaults Use this procedure to configure system defaults when running the Initialization Wizard.

Cisco Unity Express Configuration

StationInit if client is the source; StationIniD if server is the source. You might have to change the number of rows per page or select a different page to see the privilege that you want to change. Enter y to restore the configuration saved in flash memory or n to use your backup to restore your configuration.

The alternate destination can be any number at which you can assure call coverage, such as a voice-mail number, a permanently staffed number, or a number that rings an overhead night bell.

Generating the add-on-uninstall work order: Configuring Call Handling Use this procedure to configure call handling when running the Initialization Wizard. Choose one of the following: Step 6 Step 7cue-installer. Go to the Configuring System Defaults window, click Next.

Step 8Enter the software download status command to check the download status: The Search Results window appears with the results listed.May 02,  · Learn to write advanced Cisco Unified CCX Scripting. CCNA Voice Official Exam Certification Guide is a best of breed Cisco exam study guide that focuses specifically on the objectives for the CCNA Voice IIUC exam.

Senior voice instructors and network engineers Jeremy Cioara, Michael Cavanaugh, and Kris Krake share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of /5(4). The Cisco Unity Express Guide to Writing Scripts says I need to do a "Get Session Info" to get a reference to the session object of the current call, then use "Set Session Info" on the session to assign a value to attributes named _ccdrVar1 through _ccdrVar Cisco clearly is of the opinion that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

An administrator can configure the UC using the command line, web GUI, CCA, or the Telephony Setup Wizard within CCA. then the administrator will need to reset both the Unity Express and CUCM Express. Auto Attendant Script Example.

Cisco SPA9000 Voice System Administration Guide

This chapter describes how to configure an auto attendant (AA) script. It uses the sample script, which is included with the Cisco Unity Express Script Editor, to illustrate basic procedures for configuring auto attendant scripts.

General Troubleshooting Techniques

It begins with the Cisco Unity Express installation process and walks through configuring Cisco Unity Express global options, mailbox settings, and auto-attendant scripts. The chapter concludes with Cisco Unity Express troubleshooting methods.

Cisco unity express guide to writing auto-attendant scripts
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