Electromagnet science project

Neatness is not required. Power lines deliver alternating electric current to our homes. Or if I would have kept going on higher if it would have kept getting higher and higher as the more wraps I used or would it stop at a certain point and keep going strait or would it go down.

The alligator clips will hold this thicker section of wire more easily. See Figure 4 in the Procedure. In the case of direct current DCthe free electrons always collectively move in the same direction. Magnets especially neodymium or rare earth magnets can be dangerous; always read the safety precautions before you handle them.

Making an Electromagnetic Crane An electric crane project is a natural continuation of the projects covered so far. This is different from a temporary magnet, which usually only has a magnetic field when it is placed in a bigger, stronger magnetic field, or when electric current flows through it.

The magnet wire breaks when I try stripping it with sandpaper. Magnets lose power when they are hot. If you get distracted, you can unwind to the nearest multiple of ten, instead of unwinding all the way back to the beginning.

Science Projects on Electromagnetic Cranes

The wire might get hot now. Just like with a single wire, if the electric current reverses direction, the magnetic field around the coil will also reverse direction. How do I know when the wire is stripped? You might wonder if moving magnets or a changing magnetic field would create an electric current or get electric charges to move.

The answer is yes, it can. Figure 5, below, shows a direct current, or electrons all moving in one direction in a conductive wire. For the and turn coils, you will need to go onto the threaded section of the bolt. Second, if you know the gauge of your magnet wire, you can look up the diameter of the wire in a table, like this one: In electronics, batteries and electric generators are the common sources of voltage.

The way the electricity flows through the wire re-arranges the molecules so that they are attracted to certain metals.

Build an Electromagnet

Graphical representation of current y-axis versus time x-axis of direct current and alternating current. The following pages explain the science behind how magnets work.

In the case of alternating current ACthe free electrons collectively move back and forth. In addition, your access to Education. For direct current, the current is constant a straight line.

Please note that you will need a free Ask an Expert account in order to post questions. The overall drift toward one direction creates the electric current.Find easy science experiments, watch experiment videos, and get Science Fair ideas from Science Bob!

The link between electricity and magnetism is a great topic for science projects, and even if a full electric crane project is a bit too hands-on for you, you can test the principles underlying it with a simpler electromagnet experiment.

Build an Electromagnet. An electromagnet is just like a regular magnet except it is powered from electric currents. The magnetic field is created when the wire is tightly coiled around an object, this gives off a strong magnetic field.

An electromagnet operates only when there is a flow of electricity in the coil of the wire. Its magnetism can be turned on and off at will.

It is made up of an iron core, wire, and source of electrical energy. The project above is a DEMONSTRATION. To make it a true experiment, you can try to answer these questions: Does the thickness of the wire affect the power of the electromagnet? Science Bob. More from my site.

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Electromagnets are widely used in motors and generators, magnetic locks, loudspeakers, magnetic separation of materials and a whole lot more. To better understand the concept of.

Electromagnet science project
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