Is socialization brainwashing

On the basis of his research, he could find no cases of conversion. The resulting ego destruction seriously affects his ability to withstand the process.

Schein was careful to draw a distinction between conformity to captors' demands during incarceration and actual conversion.

In this emerging analysis, charismatic influence is understood as the product of interactive Is socialization brainwashing that include internal challenges to leadership, pressures to demonstrate charismatic competence, influences by inner circle leadership on the charismatic leader, and external constraints on charismatic legitimacy.

The litigation strategy avoided problems of coercive restraint and allowed the introduction of expert witnesses who testified to cultic brainwashing practices.

Nonetheless it has been invoked to account for a variety of contested behaviors, including abused wives who do not support feminism, parents who are unable to win their children's loyalty in custodial disputes, and liberal Israelis who are conciliatory toward Palestinians.

What Is Organizational Brainwashing?

The life that our authorities have us shocking and hurting is the life of our Planet and Nature, in and around us. When new movements appeared, countercult organizations simply added them to their list of opponents. The first stage in the life course is infancy, where babies learn trust and mistrust.

In stage seven, or middle adulthood, people experience the challenge of trying to make a difference versus self-absorption. Now, ask yourself these critical questions: Cults, Religion, and Violence. Since social experience is the exchange of symbols, people tend to find meaning in every action.

In peer group activities, stereotypic gender roles may also be rejected, renegotiated or artfully exploited for a variety of purposes. Although characteristics of converts varied by movement, in general the first recruits to NRMs were white, middle-class, well-educated young adults. There is every reason, then, to expect that there will be no final resolution to the question of what types of organizations may shape individual autonomy, voluntarism, and self-directedness, and what influence processes they may legitimately exercise.

Bromley Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Forensic psychologist Dick Anthony played a pivotal role in convincing courts to exclude Singer's testimony in a number of these cases.

However, there is little support for the existence or efficacy of subversive forces as depicted in brainwashing ideologies. There are two possible outcomes of resocialization: Opposition to new religions soon mounted as the groups challenged educational, political, occupational, religious, and familial institutions.

After a California judge had granted legal custody of five adult members of the Unification Church to their parents, a California court of appeals overturned the order based in part on the conclusion that inquiry into coercive persuasion involved a constitutionally impermissible investigation of the legitimacy of a religious faith.

Hoffner suggests that parents are the main source of anticipatory socialization in regards to jobs and careers. Cult, Church, and Crusade. Positive socialization occurs when desirable behaviours are reinforced with a reward, encouraging the individual to continue exhibiting similar behaviours in the future.

Isolated from human contact, the prisoner will often identify with his chief interrogator, who is usually more sympathetic and less brutal to the prisoner than are his subordinates.


There is little question that a sizable percentage of these persons, Chinese and non-Chinese alike, had successfully been brainwashed Hunter ; Lifton ; Sargant Such examples of Secondary Socialization are entering a new profession or relocating to a new environment or society.

By the most conservative estimate, hundreds of similar admissions were extracted from persons of lesser stature and prominence. The historical context for the current debate is cold war era disputation over alleged Communist brainwashing.BRAINWASHING (DEBATE).

The current debate over brainwashing (the term is used here generically to refer to mind control, coercive persuasion, or thought reform unless otherwise stipulated) is best understood in the broader context of recurrent concerns through Western history over powerful, illicit.


I agree with niccole, it definately can be, but it depends on the circumstances. The schoolyard isn't so much socialisation brainwashing, but school itself tend to be more so.

Although brainwashing is a comparatively recent addition to the armory of political weapons, it has many points of similarity, both in behavioral manifestations and in psychological dynamics, to phenomena with which the Western world is quite familiar.

Dr. Donald Marrin commented: Socialization could be compared to brainwashing. What are differences between the two? How may socialization be used ethically in an organization?

Reply: Socialization Balwin () defined socialization as ³the process by which children and adults learn from others.´ (para. 1). Mar 29,  · In regard to jobs, no matter how good a job the organization does in recruiting and selecting employees, new employees are unfamiliar with the organization's culture (the system of shared meaning, which is held by members that distinguishes one organization from others) and are potentially likely to disturb the beliefs and customs Status: Resolved.

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Organizational brainwashing isn’t a neutral term. Many people disagree over its meaning or argue whether it actually exists. Brainwashing is intentionally replacing someone’s existing beliefs and perceptions with a different perspective.

Is socialization brainwashing
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