Padini holding berhad pest analysis

It is cheap in comparison to other foreign competitors like Esprit, and despite having these affordable prices, their products are of good quality. Middle class households thought as those earning between RM1, and RM3, per month, and has increased from Under the Eighth Malaysian Plan coveringthe retail industry is expected to play a more prominent role in the growth of the economy, due to a sustained economic growth and expansion of the tourism industry.

Padini Holdings Berhad CAN BE A Malaysia Based Investment Marketing Essay

It functions in Malaysia and Hong Kong. New companies can come into the market, however they cannot operate in a sizable scale immediately, instead they can compete with smaller competitors that are not stated in the KLSE, as soon as they have been in the marketplace for long and also have expanded in size, can they start to contend with Elba, Padini, Espirit and Bonia.

With testing, it is able to carefully utilise its financial resources. This would also encourage the Malaysians to shop locally, which would advantage Padini Holdings Bhd in conditions of their sales. There is a great inflow of tourist from Singapore, and other foreign countries, especially during periods of sale.

Technological Factor With the web and e-commerce, retailers can now sell their products online and deliver it to customers on the door-step efficiently in just a timely manner.

Elba should enter into the internet and start selling their products online. They have to advertise and keep carefully the consumers educated and reminded that they still exist and provide the customers with quality and trendy clothes.

In conclusion to this, the intensity of rivalry among existing competitors is very high due to the number of competitors in the retail industry, as well as the number of established brands. Thus, the potential for sales may not be very substantial.

Elba has a dedicated team of 6 designers headed by an Executive Director who has more than 12 years experience in the industry and is also an experienced merchandiser of garments. However, the weakness is that in Malaysia itself, they are not very aggressive in their advertising. The younger generation aren't aware of Elba's existence.

Visible suppliers as well as global media have formed consumers' buying behavior, resulting in the Malaysians being more westernized. The issue here is the fashion, how fashionable is the products of Elba and does it provide the same value to the customers as the other brands.

However, there are potential substitutes in getting to the customers. Customers have been conditioned to only purchase during sales, and this has affected the stability of Elba. It really is cheap compared to other foreign opponents like Esprit, and even with these affordable prices, their products are of good quality.

The financial growth is expected to be because of the home market with development in the private sector. The company is also panning to expand its trading operations and venturing into other market segments such as the children's wear.

They have had a rapid expansion with a total of freestanding outlets and these numbers are still escalating. They have also begun expanding into the overseas market in Bangkok and Singapore.

Analysis of Malaysian investment company Padini holdings Berhad

The overall inflation rate is expected to be at 1. Examples of completed orders. Threat of Substitutes In the retailing and making industry for apparels, there is absolutely no visible swap, because clothing is a basic need and need. But there has been an increase in figures, thus the company can still meet its short term debts.

The talents of Giordano are that it provides simple clothing in terms of its designs. They can also compare the styles of the clothing season. This effort proved successful. Elba has the ability to do independent research and development. When we think of jeans, the brand Levis comes to mind, but not Edwin jeans produced by Elba.

The strengths of Esprit is that they have a very more developed brand, and they have been growing immensely in the international market, and have ventured into new products such as activities wear and clothes for kids.

The threats are beyond the company's control; however several measures can be taken to overcome the threats. In conclusion to this, the threat of entry is low, because Elba is a large retailer and manufacture and they were the first in the industry market.

Amtek's core business is the manufacture and distribution of jeans and shoes. Malaysia has been made a shopping heaven when the government had implemented the Mega carnival sale to be held 3 times a year.

Also We Can Offer! Government rules and regulations have affected how Elba can trade and furthermore, the sociological factors are changing in line with technological changes. Furthermore, a contingency plan need to be developed in case a sudden disaster is being encountered.They are selling the same product but it is highly differentiated in their style and design.

Padini Holding Bhd Padini was incorporated as a private company on 30th August and it became a public company on 8th June Padini has setup an operation in Malaysia's apparel industry, manufacturing and. Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment having company.

Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia's apparel industry, processing and trading. Its product line includes clothes for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and products for men, women and children.

Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment retaining company. Padini has setup its procedure in Malaysia's apparel industry, developing and trading.

Its products includes apparel for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and. Analysis Of Padini Holdings Berhad. Wiki-padini Padini Holdings Berhad (MYX: ) is a Malaysia-based investment holding company sells both men's and ladies’ shoes and accessories, garments, ancillary products, children’s garments, maternity wear.

The weakness of Padini Holding Berhad is the profit is unstable. The consumers spending the budget on garment are depending on the season. In Malaysia, the profit will be at the highest peak where there is festival season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya. Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company.

Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia’s apparel industry, manufacturing and trading. Its product line includes garments for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and fashion accessories for .

Padini holding berhad pest analysis
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