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The train guard's portable phone would not work; it was only after the guard ran nearly five kilometers from the site of the accident, to Ghatshila, that he was able to transmit the first message for help. A curious warmth floods her abdomen, followed by a tightening so The namesake movie she doubles over, gasping without sound, dropping the onion with a thud on The namesake movie floor.

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Ashoke and Ashima are uncertain about how to deal with their son's attempts to cut himself off from their culture, but Nick begins expressing some uncertainty himself when he meets Moushumi Zuleikha Robinsona beautiful girl who also comes from a family of Indian expatriates.

However, the marriage is short lived as Moushumi, bored with being a wife, begins having an affair with an old boyfriend from Paris. Throughout the experience, in spite of her growing discomfort, she'd been astonished by her body's ability to make life, exactly as her mother and grandmother and all her great-grandmothers had done.

The sparkling, empty streets, the polished black cars, the rows of gleaming white houses, he said, were like a dream. He carried two suitcases, the first one containing clothes and gifts, the second empty. In spite of all that, he'd gone. Gogol rekindles a friendship with Moushumi Zuleikha Robinsonthe daughter of family friends.

His marriage feels like an accident as well, and worst of all is the death of his father—but it is these things that endure, that have brought them here today.

Nair's 'The Namesake': A Life Between Two Worlds

It's not so much the pain, which she knows, somehow, she will survive. Grieving, Gogol tries to be more like what he thinks his parents want him to be and begins following cultural customs more closely.

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Ashima's decision to move on with her life, selling the suburban family home and returning to Calcutta, unifies and ends the story. Her theme becomes the backbone of the score and is heard almost exclusively on the acoustic guitar, which is the main voice of the score.

The Namesake

I grew up in Calcutta, and such movies, although rare, is a chance to revisit a treasured past, a temptation I couldn't resist. Gogol becomes a lazy, pot smoking teenager indifferent to his cultural background. The movie is extremely realistic and offers no bollywood style twists or long drawn Hindi pop songs.

His mother, speechless, had refused food for three days. In the kitchen of her parents' flat on Amherst Street, at this very moment, a servant is pouring after-dinner tea into steaming glasses, arranging Marie biscuits on a tray.

They are hesitant and guarded when meeting her. Trains departed and arrived according to schedule, Ghosh said. Gogol returns home to help Ashima pack the house when he finds the book Ashoke gave him as a graduation present. Just as Akaky's ghost haunted the The namesake movie pages, so did it haunt a place deep in Ashoke's soul, shedding light on all that was irrational, all that was inevitable about the world.

Gogol divorces her, while Ashima blames herself for pressuring Gogol to marry a fellow Bengali. I say it sounds silly because that is the main function of a score and it seems foolish to pretend a score can be fully appreciated without ever having heard it in the context of its film.

When she calls out to Ashoke, she doesn't say his name. Patty comes to fluff the pillows, tidy the bed.

And so, instead of saying Ashoke's name, she utters the interrogative that has come to replace it, which translates roughly as "Are you listening to me?

The name carries a strong emotional value for him, which, understandably the Americanised Gogol cannot relate to. You will not regret it. Gogol's reexamination leads him to a new life with a fiercely modern -- but still Bengali -- wife and a deeper appreciation for his parents.

Her embrace of the robe feels like an acknowledgment of the loving familiarity that grew between her and Ashoke over the years, until each depended on the other. The child is no longer restless; for the past few days, apart from the occasional flutter, she has not felt it punch or kick or press against her ribs.

Steeling herself, Ashima puts on a thick pink robe, a gift from her husband, no doubt picked out by one of her children. Ashima thinks it's strange that her child will be born in a place most people enter either to suffer or to die.

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But the machine in the corridor dispenses only coffee, tepid at best, in paper cups. The page was blank and on it, with a fountain pen whose cap he ceremoniously unscrewed, he wrote his name and address.American-born Gogol, the son of Indian immigrants, wants to fit in among his fellow New Yorkers, despite his family's unwillingness to let go of their traditional ways.

Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for The Namesake () - Mira Nair on AllMovie - A couple coming to terms with living in a new. Parents need to know that The Namesake is a mature drama about two generations of a Bengali family living in New York is a great movie to watch with your teens.

Like most immigrant narratives, the story includes deaths, births, marriages, break-ups, and other important milestones that mark a family's history. The Namesake movie reviews - The Namesake is a film which was released in the United States on March 9,following screenings at film festivals in Toronto and New York City.

Mar 15,  · Watch video · I saw "The Namesake" at the 22nd October screening at the London Film Festival. Mira Nair introduced the film, along with Nitin Sawhney, who wrote the score.

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I admit that I loved the book, and therefore have been looking forward to this film for a while/10(K). This movie was truly more moving than I anticipated. The Namesake is about a young man by the name of Gogol and his struggle between his given Indian culture and the American culture that he was raised in.

His parents Ashoke and Ashima are from West Bengal, India. His parents settled in New York and shortly after gave birth to him/5().

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